Think Like a Hacker: A Sysadmin’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Targeted attack and determined human adversaries (DHA) have changed the information security game forever. Writing secure code is as important as ever; however, this satisfies only one piece of the puzzle. Effective defense against targeted attack requires IT professionals to understand how attackers use – and abuse – enterprise design to their advantage.

Learn how advanced attackers break into networks. Understand how attackers use concepts of access and authorization to jump from one computer to the next. Dive into how and why attackers use custom implants and backdoors inside an enterprise. Be introduced to the concept of service-centric design – and how it can help improve both security and usability.

To defend against hackers you must first learn to think like a hacker.

For a peek at the book’s prologue, see the following post: Preview – Think Like a Hacker

For those who purchased the audio book, the illustrations are available here: Think Like a Hacker audio book supplement

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