Think Like a Hacker Audiobook Supplement

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First, thank you for your purchase of the Think Like a Hacker audiobook! The following images and drawings will be referenced during the book. Please consider printing a copy of this page for reference if you will be listening to the book offline.

Michael J. Melone

Chapter: Vulnerability Chaining

Vulnerability Chaining Figure 1

Figure 1 – The association between securables, domains, and principals

Vulnerability Chaining Figure 2

Figure 2 – Obtaining Authorization to the CEO’s Mailbox

Vulnerability Chaining Figure 3

Figure 3 – Becoming a Domain Admin

Vulnerability Chaining Figure 4

Figure 4 – Social Engineering

Chapter: Designing an Access and Authorization Strategy

Access and Authorization - Figure 5

Figure 5 – Monolithic Architecture

Access and Authorization Figure 6

Figure 6 – Tiered Authentication Model

Access and Authorization Figure 7

Figure 7 – Three Ships Architectural Analogy

Access and Authorization Figure 8

Figure 8 – Service Centric Architecture

Access and Authorization Figure 9

Figure 9 – Hybrid Tiered Service Centric Architecture